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We fabricate and supply a gamut of bomb calorimeter that has bagged high appreciation for the rapid and accurate determinations. Its compact size enables it to fit more systems into a standard laboratory. The fully automatic mode of this calorimeter offers accurate temperature reading and easy calculations. Some of the salient features of the bomb calorimeter include:

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- Large memory for storing more that 2000 determinations, including operating conditions   and user statistics
- Automatic correction for firing wire, cotton, spikes, etc.
- Isothermal design using a waterless patented vessel
  (no water bucket, spillage or measuring)
- 255 Automatic vessel Identification
- Fully automatic calibration, with 10 stored calibration curves per vessel for standard   deviation
- Calibrated sensors built into vessel wall.
- Smart Vessel with fault diagnostics and calorific processor
- High and low mass limits
- Determination cycle adjustment
- Adjustable firing limits set per vessel


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